Where can I do a COVID-19 PCR test in Dubai UAE?

Ending a vacation or business trip in Dubai?

Now there is only one thing left to do to end your vacation smoothly – present a negative Coronavirus PCR test to the airline representative.

We gathered some useful local information on where and how the test can be performed.

The PCR test can be performed in the centers operated by the public hospitals or in private clinics.


Public hospital centers:

The cost of the test is about 65 local dirham – about 17$.

There are 3 center called screening center drive-through where you can do the PCR test in this price:

  1. National Screening Center – City Walk – located in the city center next to the City Walk shopping center.
  2. National Screening Center – Mina Rashed – also located in the city center but closer to the city’s seaport.
  3. National Screening Center – Al Khawaneej – located outside the city and tourist areas.

Working hours of the three centers above are every day between 10:00-20:00.

The centers are operated by the SHEA company. It is possible and recommended to book an appointment in advance on their website or app.

Please note that their app and website are not available if you are trying to enter outside of the country, but only when you arrive in Dubai.

Results arrive within a maximum of 48 hours.


Private clinics:

The cost of a Corona PCR test in private clinics will be from 130 to 150 dirham – about 35$-40$.

Most of them promise an answer within 24 hours but looking in small print you can find it might take up to 48 hours – so be prepared accordingly. Some operate 24 hours a day and some until 21:00-22:00 in the evening.

A company with a wide spread of clinics throughout the city and with good customer service also on WhatsApp is Aster Clinic.

The appointment scheduling system is easy to use and requires no registration, after entering phone number and name you can easily select location and time.


Booking a test at your hotel:

The cost is about 250 dirham – about 70$.

Several options are available. Smartsalem offers an easy booking system on the website and on WhatsApp.

Tests are performed 7 days a week between 08:00-20:00, except Fridays, which can be between 14:00-20:00. The waiting time for an answer is 24 hours.


PCR tests with fast results:

For those who do not have time or waited until the last minute, there is an option for a PCR test with fast results at varying prices.

Amer247 Clinic is located in Deira at the city center of Dubai. The clinic offers a number of packages for PCR tests with express results.

For a test with results within 12 hours – the cost would be 249 dirham (about 70$) for a test at the clinic or 499 dirham (about 135$) for a test at your hotel.

For a test with results within 3-6 hours – the cost would be 449 dirham (about 123$) for a test at the clinic or 699 dirham (about 190$) for a test at your hotel.

The full list of packages can be seen on their website, the scheduling interface is easy and friendly. Good support on WhatsApp as well.


*** Corona regulations change from time to time therefore you should keep up to date with changes independently. The information does not constitute a recommendation / commitment or proposal to perform corona tests anywhere.

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