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Dear Customer,

We thank you for choosing to access the website www.cityride.co.il (“Website”).

The website is owned by Cityride Worldwide Transportation Solutions LTD (“Owner” and/or “Cityride“), a private company which provides transportation services for business travelers as well as individuals and groups seeking to arrive at their hotels or other destinations in a convenient and affordable way.

The use of the Website and the services provided therein is subject to the Terms of Use outlined in these guidelines (“Terms of Use”). Please read the Terms of Use carefully before using the Website. These Terms of Use constitute a legally binding agreement and are enforceable between the users of the Website (“Customer“) and the Owner.

These Terms of Use set out the basis on which Customers may book different transportation services on the Website, access the Website using mobile devices and use the different services offered in it as they are featured on the Website from time to time (“Services“).

The use of masculine and/or singular terms is provided for convenience only and these conditions apply to any and all users of the Website.


By accessing and/or viewing the Website and/or using the Services featured on the Website you consent to the Terms of Use. Using this Website and/or its content against these Terms of Use and/or legal terms is prohibited. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use or access the site, or download any of the information from them, or use any and/or all of the services included therein for any purpose.

The Owner reserve the right to change or update the Terms of Use from time to time in its sole discretion and without prior notice. You are responsible for any changes that may be applied and that may occur from time to time during the terms of use, use of the Website after any change, as mentioned above, will constitute your consent and agreement of these changes.

In the event of conflict and/or contradiction between the Terms of Use and any other publication, of any kind, the specific provisions of these Terms of Use shall supersede and control.

Using the Website is allowed for all ages. The Owner may ban or prevent a Customer from accessing the Website and/or any of its services, in the event of a false declaration.

The Site is intended for private use only and any commercial, business or mercantile use without the Company’s prior consent in writing is prohibited.

All intellectual property rights on the Website in any part or part thereof, are the property of the Owner. These Terms of Use apply, inter alia, the graphic design of the Website, the information and its basis, contents, computer code and anything else related to the establishment and operation of the Website.

Terms of Use:

These Terms of Use are meant to clarify the conditions which apply to you as a current or future user of the Website.

In these Terms of Use, the term “content” shall refer to any service, product, computer code, program module, program application, text, photo, picture, illustration, map, sound, video, graphics, expression, creation, knowledge or other information, whether completed or not completed, featured on the Website and/or used for its planning and development and/or are uploaded onto it and/or are included in it and/or are addressed to/from it, in any medium and/or communication, whether paid or unpaid, by you and/or third party of any kind, and any right of intellectual property, including, but not limited to, patents, copyright protected trademarks and moral rights referring to any of those.

These Terms of Use are cumulative and/or alternative and/or complementary, according to the matter and context.

Cityride is used as a platform for booking of transportation services around the word, and it is hereby clarified that Cityride does not own its own vehicle fleet, and it serves as an intermediary between the Customer and the providers of different services, so its sole purpose in practice is to act as an intermediary connecting the Customer and the supplier in the country of destination.

In making a booking with Cityride via the Website or telephone the Customer confirms he has read and understood the Terms of Use.

The Owner reserves the right to enable or disables access to the Website at any time, as well as modify and/or discontinue doing so, all in its sole discretion.

The Owner may, it its absolute and sole discretion, limit access to part or the entirety of the Website, and accessing certain features would be enabled to certain users but restricted to others, and/or would entail using a username and/or a password and/or would be conditioned with filling surveys and/or forms and/or providing personal information.

The Owner may continue or discontinue demanding the aforementioned, or do so from time to time, without prior notice, and in its absolute and sole discretion.

Online Booking of Services:

In order to book, a payment must be made on the Website. The Customer is obliged that all his credit card and other information required for the transaction are accurate and correct.

When purchasing services online, the Customer must provide full information required for the transaction as stated. Providing this information is a condition for the purchasing of services offered for sale on the Website.

Cityride will use the payment information provided to it by the Customer as stated, only to charge the Customer’s account for the sum of the purchase and complete the supply of services purchased.

Providing Cityride with payment information as stated, constitutes the consent of the Customer to transfer the information to a third party, as is required in order to approve and confirm the transaction regarding the supply of services, but the aforesaid may not derogate Cityride’s obligation to protect the privacy of information, as stated in this document.

Online transactions shall be subject to approval of the credit card company. In the event when the transaction is not approved, the Customer shall receive a suitable message and his account will not be charged. Filling out the details is the sole responsibility of the Customer.

Website prices, if any, are correct as of the date of their presentation, and may be changed and updated from time to time.

It is hereby declared that the photos shown on the Website are for illustration purposes only, and the Owner is not obliged by them and actual services provided may vary. If an error has occurred, the Owner is not liable by it, and in any case the Owner shall not have any liability exceeding the value of the services and in any damage which isn’t direct and/or consequential. Without limiting the foregoing, it is hereby clarified that the Owner shall do its best to provide photos and information which are as accurate as possible.

Service Types:

Shared Shuttle Service with Other Passengers (“Shuttle”):

Shared ride for passengers flying on the same flight and/or landing at a similar hour. Pick up/drop off at hotels or central points of interest according the requested service.

At the pickup point, the passengers will be requested to wait for all other customers before leaving to their destination. After leaving the airport, the Customers will be dropped off at the hotels. It is clarified that drop off may not be at the exact point but within a reasonable walking distance.

On the way back to the airport, pickup will be from pickup points according to the instructions that appear on the travel voucher which is issued at the time of booking (“Voucher“).

Voucher conditions will be in accordance and subject to the conditions which appear on the voucher and/or on the Website.

The voucher is non transferable and/or converted for cash or credit.

Private Service with Personal Meeting (“Private Service”):

A service provided without waiting for additional passengers.

Booking confirmation:

When booking and with the completion of payment, a booking confirmation and travel voucher will be sent (For the record it is clarified that the aforementioned Voucher provisions are relevant for the case of private service with personal meeting service as well). The Customer must check the full details which appear on the Voucher and confirm they are correct. The Customer is responsible to pay attention and follow the meeting instructions at their airport and the return pickup instructions as shown on the Voucher and in the explanation.

The Voucher must be printed and brought to the service. In an event when printing is not possible, it should be presented to the driver/representative on a mobile phone or any other device.


Requests for booking cancellation or refund, if they are given, must be sent to the Owner in writing by email to [email protected]. Customers must verify that the request has been delivered to Cityride on email. It is hereby declared that any cancellation request is subject to receiving Cityride’s approval on email. Cancellation and refund policy will be given in accordance and subject the provisions of the Israeli Consumer Protection Law, 1981.

In particular cases when a particular service is booked, there may be other cancellation conditions on which Cityride will update the Customer at the time of the booking.


Requests for changes in booking must be sent to the Owner in writing via email or the “contact us” page on the Website, providing booking number and the request details. Cityride’s team will do its best to accommodate the change, without being obligated to accept the aforementioned change. Last minute changes require the approval of the local service supplier and does not depend on Cityride.

In an event when the Customer requests to change the booking conditions after the voucher is issued, you might be subject to an additional fees for the change (on top of other additional fees which you are subject to for the cost of the changes).

Waiting times:

At the airport – waiting time is up to 60 minutes from the time of landing, subject to information available to Cityride. In order to ensure supply of services on time, Cityride reserves the right to send a pickup driver after approximately 30 minutes from the time of landing, to its sole discretion and the information on file regarding to passenger and traffic load at different airports worldwide.

In an event when you fly in Business Class or without luggage, please mention it at the time of the booking.

In rare events when there is a holdup at passport control or with baggage handling (lost luggage) you should inform Cityride immediately through the emergency line on the Voucher. In cases of extraordinary waiting times, additional fees may be charged.


Shuttle – Customers must be ready at the pickup point approximately 10 minutes before pickup time. The shared Shuttle has a continuous schedule with various pickup points. It will not wait for passengers who are late to the pickup point.

Private Service – Customers must be at the hotel lobby/pickup point approximately 10 minutes before pickup time. A driver’s waiting time will not exceed 10 minutes.

Flight Delays:

In events of flight delays exceeding 3 hours you must immediately inform us through our emergency line.

On the return trip neither Cityride nor the drivers follow the updated departure time of your flight. In an event of flight change you must inform Cityride immediately. If the change has been updated before you left your country of origin, you must inform via email or the “contact us” page on the Website. In this case it is the sole responsibility of the Customer. If the change occurred during your stay abroad, inform through the emergency line or the WhatsApp number shown on the Voucher. It is clarified that last minute postponement will not always enable the postponement of your transport and Cityride cannot interfere in this matter as the postponement is subject to the approval of the local supplier at the country of destination.

Website Content Availability:

You hereby approve that the Website may experience various malfunctions arising from various reasons, which may prevent and/or burden the access and/or use of the Website, including due to communication difficulties and/or maintenance and/or other reasons, and the use of the Website may be interrupted and/or terminated without completion and/or retention for which the owners will be exempt from any responsibility.

Without derogating from the foregoing, you hereby acknowledge that in certain cases the use of the Website depends on the proper functionality of your computer and/or tablet and/or Smartphone and any components contained therein of which the quality, inaccuracy, tampering and malfunctions may prevent and/or interfere with your experience with the Website for which the Owner will not be liable.

Emergency Contact:

In case the customer cannot locate the local company driver/representative, please contact the Cityride emergency line immediately, according to the details of the Voucher.

The Customer hereby declares that he shall not use alternative means of transportation before contacting the emergency line for immediate attention.

Requests and Equipment:

Special requests and requests for special equipment (such as passengers with special needs, child seats, ski equipment etc) must be made through email or this website. It is hereby clarified that we may charge additional fees for these requests, in which case Cityride will give prior notice to the Customer.


This website and the content included in it, are presented for use in its current state (“As Is”).

It is hereby clarified that Cityride provides transfer services to the business traveler as well as to individuals and groups seeking to arrive at their hotels or other destinations in a convenient and affordable way, and therefore acts as an intermediary between the passenger and the various service providers and in practice acts as an intermediary connecting the Customer and the supplier in the country of destination. The services offered on this site are performed under the responsibility of the various service providers.

Cityride is not responsible in any way for any malfunctions due to improper performance of services related to service providers or due to factors which do not depend on the supplier such as delays due to force majeure, strikes, weather conditions, holidays, unexpected service provider failures which are not controlled by Cityride and the like, and does not guarantee that the services will not be disturbed, will be provided without interruption, will be held safely and without errors, and will be immune to damages, breakdowns, malfunctions or delays.

It is hereby clarified that Cityride is not an agent, representative or delegate of any particular service provider, is not responsible for its actions or omissions and is not authorized to receive claims or other documents for it or on its behalf.

Cityride, its employees, managers, representatives, agents and all acting on its behalf shall not be liable, either directly or indirectly, for all of the following: (1) any failure, deficiency or delay by a service provider with respect to services purchased by the Customer, or any act or omission performed by the service provider; (2) any damage, failure or incidental loss, consequential or non-financial, including damage to goodwill and damage of loss of revenue or profit, loss of time, loss of enjoyment, aggravation and so on (3) any kind of personal injury or property damage which may be caused to you (4) for any damage, loss or cost due to force majeure or any other outside Cityride’s reasonable control.

In any event, Cityride’s maximum liability in all matters arising from your agreement with it is limited to the amount actually paid by you in booking the services on the Website for which and which the cause of action arose against Cityride. You hereby exempt Cityride fully, absolutely from any and all responsibility for payment or damage exceeding the maximum liability.

Excluding the aforementioned, the liability of Cityride for providing services shall be subject to and in accordance with provisions of Israeli Consumer Protection Law, 1981.

Copyright and Intellectual Property:

Intellectual property rights are protected in Israel and overseas by the force of the laws of the State of Israel and international treaties. The Owner respects others’ ownership rights and intellectual property rights and so, the Customers will not make any use of the Website and its services which is to harm another’s intellectual property rights.

This website and its contents are the property of the Owner and are not your property, and must not be used unless subject to these Terms of Use.

Unless explicitly agreed in advance and in writing, the information and/or intellectual property rights on the Website should be deemed as the Owner’s property only, and/or as authorized by the Owner for third-party use, including copyrights, moral rights, trademarks, service marks, designs, inventions, trade secrets, technological information, functional information, professional information, commercial and business information, and any information and/or intellectual property rights, whether registered or not.

Third parties with intellectual property rights for the content uploaded onto the Website without its owner’s knowledge and/ or consent are requested to contact the Owner and/or anyone on their behalf and report it to them.

The owners reserve the right to enforce, remove, modify, amend, and prevent any use and/or feed to the website and/or publication of content that infringes their intellectual property rights and/ or third parties’ and to demand any compensation and/or indemnification of anyone who may put themselves and/or the Owner in a position of possible violation of their rights and/or others’.

Privacy Policy:

When using the Website you will be asked to provide us with some personal information (for example: name, email, phone number) which is required to ensure the quality of the services provided to you by Cityride. Cityride clarifies that you are not legally required to provide us with such personal information, but please know that if you do not provide us with certain details or provide us with incorrect information, we will not be able to complete the provision of the Services.

The information collected about you will be used by us for a variety of uses, including (1) to book services with us and to complete them in the best possible manner; (2) improving the services provided by us; (3) so that we may contact you if necessary; (4) for the purpose of providing information required by law and/or upon the request of an authorized statutory authority. (5) to perform marketing activities and to be able to offer you suggestions tailored to your personal preferences.

Subject to the provisions of any Israeli law, we will be permitted to provide personally identifiable information to third parties in the following cases: (1) We may provide personal information about you to our suppliers and/or subcontractors through which you will provided with our services or any related service but in such case the information provided shall be limited only to the information necessary for the provision of such services; (2) We may disclose details about you in legal proceedings if you such proceedings are conducted between you and us in the event of a dispute as to any services provided to you by us; (3) We may disclose details about you for the purpose of collection procedures for any funds charged to you for the services you order from us; And (4) we may disclose personal information about you in cases where we will be obliged to do so by law and/or by judicial order.

Cityride will act with due diligence to prevent the disclosure of the information to third parties, except as detailed in these Terms of Use and subject to the provisions of any law.


Before leaving your country of origin, it is necessary to ensure that all passengers have adequate, comprehensive and extensive insurance according to their personal needs. The sole and complete responsibility for not purchasing insurance of any kind is for the customer only.


The laws that apply to the provisions of these Terms of Use and their interpretation shall be the laws of the State of Israel only, and the place of arbitration and judgment shall be under exclusive and absolute jurisdiction of the competent court in the District of Tel Aviv, Israel.

Changes in Terms of Use:

It may be that, from time to time, changes, updates, additions, deletions will be made to these Terms of Use at the sole and absolute discretion of the Owner, upon which notice will be published.

Use of the Website after any change, as mentioned above, will constitute your consent and agreement of these changes.

Contact Us:

If you have any question and/or request regarding the use of the Website you may write to the Owner at [email protected]

Safe Travel!